Yoga Lessons ~ Classes for All Levels


Each yoga class incorporates basic postures and body alignment principles suited for beginner and intermediate students.

Our yoga lessons are safe, and explore strengths and weaknesses in the poses and how to best work them into a fun challenging practice. The following is a list of our classes for all levels:

  • Level 1 class – suitable for beginners and those desiring to focus on the basics
  • Level 2 class – basics, strengthening postures and faster paced focusing on the core
  • Gentle yoga (Yin Yoga) class – stretching and clearing the mind

And to further increase your fitness level and provide greater body awareness, our fitness instructor can help you achieve the results you desire.

Marin specializes in massages to find the cause or source of your pain or discomfort. She also provides her clients with tools in the form of stretches and exercises to help maintain and support the body work.

Check our schedule or call Namasté Yoga Studio to learn more about massages, yoga classes, or personal training with our fitness instructor.

Experienced Fitness Instructor for Personal Training


From yoga lessons with classes for all levels to personal training and the availability of therapeutic massages, we have brought together a unique approach to body awareness.

As a personal trainer out of college, Marin developed an intense interest in acquiring more knowledge and hands on adjustments, and turned that interest into advanced skills as a licensed massage therapist.

The scope of her practice as a personal training fitness instructor includes, but is not limited to:

  • Knowledge of exercise physiology
  • Kinesiology involving the study of biology, exercise and athletics
  • Biomechanics – the science of movement of a living body
  • Nutrition

Whether she is conducting yoga lessons, providing deep therapeutic massages, or personal training, her passion and pursuit of wellness for her clients with a safe and effective program is foremost. Call or send an email to schedule this personal training service.

Therapeutic Massages with Myofascial Release Methods


Marin specializes in finding the cause or source of your pain or discomfort using different deep tissue massage techniques to facilitate relaxation in the body.

During her therapeutic massages she uses a gentle therapy referred to as myofascial release consisting of light stretching and massage strokes to:

  • Promote the healing of an injured, stiff or painful muscle
  • Unblock fascia and muscle to restore total physical harmony
  • Treat chronic fatigue, severe tension and anxiety
  • Treat repetitive stress injuries of the muscular-skeletal system

Through our massage therapy, yoga lessons and personal fitness instructor training we are using all of the tools with an approach that is safe, yet always exploring new “edges” and possibilities.

Call or send an email to Namasté Yoga Studio to learn more about our yoga lessons, therapeutic massage therapy or personal fitness instructor training to gain the health and fitness level you desire. 206-898-0445


Physical Therapy With Holly Haberl-Fisher

Integrated Manual Therapy

(located in Namaste Yoga Studio)

Since the age of eleven, when a family friend and mentor became a physical therapist, I knew that is what I wanted to be. Throughout my time in school, and especially my undergrad years at the UW, I was dedicated to that one goal. In 1997 I graduated from the UW Physical Therapy program and have been practicing and enjoying the physical therapy profession ever since.

I didn’t fully understand why I wanted to be a physical therapist when I was young, but that is very clear to me now: one on one engagement with clients, helping them find the best outcome for their own personal situation. What motivates each person and the particular path of healing for each person is a challenge I welcome.

As a physical therapist I have many tools in my tool box. I combine manual therapy techniques-myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy, nerve stretching, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, stretching and joint mobilization with neuro re-education, stabilization and therapeutic exercise. These techniques are designed to re-educate and retrain the body for optimal function. The body at once functions both independently and in coordination. Isolating each joint to ensure that surrounding muscles have the appropriate length, strength, nerve input and timing is balanced with how the joint works within the whole. Without the proper balance, the musculoskeletal system becomes inefficient and starts to break down. The best work of a physical therapist will counteract that by restoring each joint, muscle and connective tissue to optimal performance.

I have lived with my family in Lake Forest Park since 1993. We are raising our young family in this supportive and unique community, and I am pleased to practice the art and science of Physical Therapy in a place we feel so welcome. I am more than excited to be a part of the Integrated Manual Therapy and Namaste Yoga families

For appointments call 206-362-5255

Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30am-4:30pm
Insurance Accepted (unable to take Medicare or MVA)
Cash rates $135/ 1hr, $90/ 1/2hr