Yoga classes

Each class incorporates basic yoga postures and body alignment principles suited for beginner and intermediate students. Classes are safe and explore strengths and weaknesses in the poses and how to best work them into a fun challenging practice.


Suitable for beginners and those desiring to focus on the basics. ($20 per class)

Tuesdays 9:30 am, Wednesdays 5:30 pm, Thursdays 9:30 am



Basics plus more strengthening postures and little faster paced focusing on the core. ($20 per class)

Fridays 9:30 am


Sunday Night Yoga: :

Sunday evenings are the perfect time to take a moment to re-center and restore. In this class, we will move through some active postures, then slow down to stretch and cool the body after an active weekend. Additionally, we will work through some breathing and restorative exercises to help us ground and center ourselves for the week ahead.

About The Teacher:

Chloe Horning is certified at the 200 level and registered with Yoga Alliance. She has a lifelong relationship with yoga, which she began practicing as a girl scout. Chloe is a professional librarian and self-professed 'yoga nerd' who believes in approaching yoga with curiosity, inclusivity, and joy.

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for beginners with Keri Carlton (More info to come!)

Adult Aerial classes are $35 per class and $25 per class for a 3 class pass

Specific Saturdays and Sundays 1:00-2:30 Starting September 24th
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Yoga Classes ~ Flexibility and Strength Training


The term “flexibility” is one of the first things we think about when discussing yoga.

If you have an interest in strength training, join our Level 2 intermediate level yoga classes with physical yoga poses that involve balancing flexibility with strength.

Those who are concerned with strength training understand the importance of maintaining healthy joints and ligaments. While there are types of yoga with many additional attributes, incorporating physical yoga that includes bodyweight-bearing poses can build strength and flexibility.

These are additional types of classes offered at our studio:

  • Gentle yoga – light intensity stretching postures, relaxation and stress reduction
  • Level 1 level – Suitable for beginners and those desiring to focus on the basics
  • Aerial yoga classes – suspension props and inversion techniques to deepen flexibility

We encourage you to consider aerial yoga as a perfect class to support your fitness goals for building strength and flexibility. Call Namasté Yoga Studio today to learn how to incorporate gentle yoga, our intermediate yoga level or aerial yoga for maximizing your fitness goals.

Gentle Yoga Classes ~ Relaxation with Slow Poses & Stretches


If you have a stressful lifestyle, or are experiencing post-traumatic symptoms, you may want to join our gentle yoga classes to experience its remarkable ability to reduce stress and trauma.

These are a few benefits of practicing gentle or restorative yoga:

  • Opens the body in a gentle way
  • Provides relaxation with slow poses and stretches
  • Calms a restless mind
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases flexibility and strengthens your body

Movement is slow and linked with breath. Each position is gradually entered, safely moving in and out of each slow pose, and then finding a holding position. This allows fluid entry into postures to protect and nurture your muscles, joints and connective tissue.

Our yoga studio is open to many levels including gentle or restorative yoga, yoga for beginners, intermediate level 2 and aerial yoga classes. Call us today!

Aerial Yoga Classes for Beginners


If you are considering choices for improved health and fitness but lack the desire to join a mega fitness club, we encourage you to try aerial yoga.

It is a supportive method of building strength and flexibility, and a challenging approach to conditioning! When you join our aerial yoga classes for beginners you can expect to:

  • Learn basic techniques, poses, climbs and other apparatus skills
  • Gently move through a variety of postures and inversions
  • Utilize strengthening exercises to build endurance and flexibility

You can also consider taking this class concurrently with gentle yoga that focuses on making it easier for your body to get into various postures.

If you are interested in experiencing the full benefits of aerial yoga, call or visit Namasté Yoga Studio to learn more about this supportive approach to conditioning.

Or you may prefer gentle yoga that tends to be a slow and relaxing approach to transformative benefits. Let us guide you through your decision-making process! 206-898-0445