Aerial Yoga Play Washington Workshops & Training

October 5-7


The “Professional” Training Program:

12-6pm FRI/SAT & SUN 12-8pm

What’s the difference between taking the workshops and the training?

  • The workshops are for EVERYONE. NO experience necessary. It is a taste of what we do in the training.
  • The training is for teachers/professionals that want to get CERTIFIED to teach this style of yoga/movement therapy (workshops included in the training).
  • You do not need to be a yoga teacher, although it is helpful to know the postures for the training.


I am thrilled to announce the NEW “Professional” Training for the AYP/AYRx dual certification program. The full program will be a combo of AerialYogaPlay and AerialYogaRx for those wanting to understand the therapeutic quality of the swing practice. This is geared towards professionals who are interested in working one-on-one with clients to properly address special needs due to injury and how to heal the spine for overall health of the body as well as teaching group specialty classes."

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