Aerial Yoga Play Workshops and Training

Namaste Yoga Studio (Shoreline)
OCT. 20-22 Weekend Workshop Series
Teacher Training Program:
12-6pm FRI/SAT/SUN

~~ What’s the difference between taking the workshops and the training?~~

— The workshops are for EVERYONE. NO experience necessary. It is a taste of what we do in the training.

–The training is for teachers/professionals that want to get CERTIFIED to teach this style of yoga/movement therapy (workshops included in the training) .

You do not need to be a yoga teacher, although it is helpful to know the postures for the training.


Your choice of 6, 12, or 20 -hour training with Jen Healy, Founder of AYRx, Aerial Yoga Play and The Quantum Playground.

You will learn:

  • 12 yoga translations- stretches & variations you can teach effectively to your clients/students.
  • 55 restorative and therapeutic exercises/variations using all the equipment.
  • Safe in’s & out’s of the yoga swing and other equipment.
  • Various secure holds, anchors, and locks in the yoga swing.
  • Proper postures for safe lift-off and maximum fun!
  • 8 Dynamic and Acrobatic Movements for more advanced students, strength, and agility in the air (ADVANCED TRAINING ONLY).
  • Program includes a certificate of completion with 12 hours of CEC’s through Yoga Alliance, instruction manual, and review videos.


Workshops– $50 each or 3 for $120


$600 for Friday (Basic Training)
$900 for Fri/Sat (Intermediate)
$1200 for Fri/Sat/Sun (Advanced)

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Continuing education workshop with Steve Evanko September 22, 23rd

Neurofascial Manipulation for the Lower Extremity

It may surprise you to learn that some of the hard and tender knots we've furiously been working on are actually tethered, swollen, and inflamed nerves. This 1.5-day class will introduce you to the research, concepts, and skills behind neurofascial manipulation– working directly with the nerves and superficial fascia to restore mobility and decrease pain– and allow time to apply what you've learned on the legs and hips. Nerves control tissue tone, while tethered and overstretched nerves create pain and inflammation.

We will discuss concepts of neurogenic inflammation, ectopic firing, central sensitization, and fibromyalgia. The work is based in part on concepts from JP Barral, Alain Crobier, and Don Hazen, DC. Direct engagement of the neurofascia and skilled use of neural mobilization skills will dramatically increase your level of results and set you apart.

You will learn to work directly with the nerves and superficial fascia to restore joint mobility and decrease pain. We will learn to slow down, refine our touch of the superficial layers and palpate and release several nerves in the hip, leg, and lower back. You will learn how tethered cutaneous nerves contribute to low back pain and pelvic asymmetry, and learn a set of specific techniques for release, differentiation, and repositioning of the nerve fields. We will also discuss concepts of fibromyalgia, central sensitization and neurogenic inflammation.


Instructor: Steve Evanko, PhD, Certified Advanced Rolfer
CE hours: 10
Date and Time: Friday, September 22nd, 7-9:30pm, and Saturday, September 23rd, 9:30am-6:30pm
Location: Namaste Yoga, Shoreline
Tuition: $200.

Registration: A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to save your space. Click here to pay the deposit online. The balance is due at class, payable to the instructor, by cash or check only.