Taught by Shoshanna 
(May 29th 2019 7:15-8:45 p.m.)

Learn strengthening Aerial Yoga Play core exercises from inversions and grounded asanas. We will also practice AYP shoulder stands, headstands, and handstands. This workshop will be moderately challenging but so rewarding for the aligned spine and toned tummy. The workshop is appropriate for level 2 students but I can make interval modifications for beginners.


Join us for a fun Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop on Sunday 6/23 from 2-5pm! All materials will be provided along with snacks and refreshments. Follow the link below for details!

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Advanced Aerial Yoga Play Workshop

With Shoshanna
July 10th, 24th and 31st 7:15-8:45 pm.
$105 for series

Missed class can be made up during a regular scheduled class. We will focus on advanced Asanas such as Black swan, more strenuous core strengthening and flips.