Personal Training for Individuals and Small Groups


If you are interested in finding a personal fitness trainer that offers individual or small group training, Marin has just the right service for you!

She specializes in providing guidance for starting an exercise program or developing a new one that is specific to your desired outcomes and current fitness level including:

  • Individual training with instruction designed specifically for you
  • Partner training with the motivation of a friend
  • Small group training program to reach a common fitness goal

While our individual personal training program allows the fitness trainer to work on concerns relating to your specific body needs and to design your personal fitness program to attain larger goals, our small group training may be structured with a common motivation such as an intense workout, losing a few pounds, or toning and shaping with individual attention of a personal trainer.

If you have an interest in improving your personal fitness level, call or send an email to Namasté Yoga Studio to schedule this service.

How Can a Fitness Trainer Help You Achieve Your Goals?


Whether you are seeking a great individual personal training workout, or participation in a small group class that provides the energy and motivation of others combined with the expertise of a personal fitness trainer, Marin has the experience to help you achieve measurable results.

These are a few ways a personal fitness trainer can help you achieve your goals:

  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Guidance and fresh ideas on health, nutrition and fitness
  • Appropriate form and technique to achieve goals while preventing injury
  • Development of a program specific to you and your goals
  • Tangible results

Call or send an email to schedule a results-oriented personal training program with Marin!

Why Choose Us as Your Personal Fitness Trainer?


Our personal training program is designed specifically to develop and teach each person, and to hold them accountable to their personal fitness goals.

Working with a personal fitness trainer will help you define and develop achievable and clear fitness goals. With a degree in Exercise Science, Marin uses a comprehensive approach that includes exercise physiology, nutrition, kinesiology and biomechanics.

These are a few reasons to choose us for your personal training program:

  • Ability to tailor a suitable program to every fitness level
  • A balance of upper and lower body routines
  • Supervision of movement, correct form and proper heart rate
  • Motivation and accountability of a trainer
  • Outcome-based training
  • An unintimidating training environment

Rather than focusing on a single aspect of physical fitness, Marin uses a comprehensive whole-life training approach that addresses health, nutrition and fitness with an emphasis on overall well-being.

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